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If we keep life only for ourselves, then it withers. Life is radiant from the moment we give it to others.” – Venerable Fr. Clement Vismara, PIME

Together, we succeed.

General Works

How do our missionary priests and brothers serve the poor in 17 countries, bringing them hope, healing and the Gospel message?

They don’t do it alone.

The PIME Missionaries rely on our benefactors to pray for us, raise mission awareness, and provide for the very real needs of our missions.

“General Works” refers to the primary works of our missionaries – the most important way that we touch the lives of the poor all over the world. There are great needs in our missions that must be provided for, needs that are not always met through our other programs.

When you provide for General Works, you are helping the PIME Missionaries become as effective as possible in completing their mission in
· Changing lives
· Healing hearts and bodies
· Sustaining new Catholic communities
· Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ


I am only one, but still I am one.

Most of us will never visit the developing countries served by the PIME Missionaries. We watch from a distance and wonder, is there anything I can do? How can I provide for real change in the life of someone else?

It does not take great wealth to make a profound difference. It merely takes an eagerness to share and an open heart.

The PIME Missionaries offer many opportunities for individuals with a missionary spirit to assist us in living out our call.

Foster Parents Program (Adoptions at a Distance)

Missionary Medical Relief

Chapel Building Program

Native Seminarian Sponsorship

Foster Parents Program
Adoptions at a Distance
Changing communities, one child at a time

You can make a difference.
Help the PIME Missionaries effect real, lasting change in the life of a child by supporting Foster Parents – Adoptions at a Distance Program.

Foster Parents provides individuals and families an opportunity to “spiritually adopt” children in developing countries including India, Myanmar, Brazil, Bangladesh, Thailand and Africa.

Your regular monthly commitment of only $15 provides these children – orphans, abandoned, disabled or from extremely poor families – a priceless gift.

You give them the gift of hope.

Donations to Foster Parents allow the PIME Missionaries to provide food, clothing, housing, and educational support to children who need it the most.

Contact us to find out which child is waiting for you. We will happily provide a photograph and case history, and will continue to keep you informed about how your contribution is improving his or her life.

Support PIME Foster Parents/Adoptions at a Distance by clicking HERE.

Missionary Medical Relief

Providing hope, healing and compassion
In Jesus’ day, lepers were social outcasts, their lives formed by stigma and suffering.

Relegated to remote colonies, they suffered the disfigurement and disability of an incurable disease misunderstood by most people.

Today, thousands still suffer from leprosy, now known as Hansen’s disease. Even more suffer from tuberculosis, malnutrition, and malaria.

Millions more are affected by HIV/AIDS, the modern scourge that has killed more than 25 million people since 1981.
Africa alone has 11.6 million AIDS orphans.
In developing and transitional countries, 9.7 million people are in immediate need of life-saving AIDS drugs; of these, only 2.99 million (31%) are receiving them.
Missionary Medical Relief (MMR), a program of the PIME Missionaries, is bringing hope and healing to those who suffer from these illnesses in developing nations.
MMR works with eleven health centers throughout the world to provide medical care, comprehensive treatments, and health education.
A donation of only $12 per month will provide needed medicines for someone who is suffering.

Support PIME Missionary Medical Relief by clicking HERE.

Chapel Building Program
Creating houses of worship; centers of faith
Pang Nai Chapel13
In the remote villages of developing countries, Catholic communities are forming.
Led by the Spirit, joined by grace, they are much like Catholic parish families the world over.
Like us, they meet to worship, support one another, and grow as a communitity.
Unfortunately, they lack a “luxury” most of us take for granted: a building in which to gather.
There are no marble altars or padded kneelers in their chapels. Instead, humble, unsafe dwellings with mud floors and thatched roofs house their liturgies.
The Chapel Building Program of the PIME Missionaries exists to help them build the chapels they need.
Over 2000 simple, functional structures have been built by the PIME Missionaries in cooperation with our Catholic brothers and sisters in mission countries. The chapels are also used for catechism classes, community meetings and shelter in case of emergencies.

As more and more Catholic communities form in the missions, more chapels are needed.

It’s a happy problem to have, but we need your help.

You can provide for the building of a chapel, and even have it named in memory of a loved one. If necessary, we can design a payment plan for you.

Contact us to find out how you can be a part of building the Church – literally – in a developing country.

Support the PIME Chapel Building Program by clicking HERE.

Native Seminarian Sponsorship
Nurturing vocations around the world
Rev Fr Anandrao Reddimasu
A priestly vocation is a gift not to be squandered.

In developing countries, however, families can be challenged when a son feels called to the priesthood.

A seminary education is expensive.

Families are afraid to give up a wage-earner.

But God continues to call young men, and they, thankfully, continue to answer.

Diocesan seminaries in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines have willing students who need sponsorship for their studies.

The Native Seminarian Sponsorship Program of the PIME Missionaries gives young men the practical support they need to study for the priesthood in their native countries. A monthly contribution of $20 provides tuition, books, and room and board at diocesan seminaries, providing priests for the future in the developing countries served by PIME.

The cost of sponsorship? Small. The result? A priest for life.

Support the PIME Native Seminarians Program by clicking HERE.


7 thoughts on “PIME Programs

  1. I am interested in your chapel building program. I have seen the advertisements in the past issues of the PIME World Magazine. I would like to give this some careful consideration as a charitable contribution in the far distant future.

  2. We would like to know the current cost of donating to build a chapel for the P.I.M.E. missionaries around the world, where aid is most needed. Your timely response will be appreciated. Thank you and God l bless you all.

    • Thank you for your interest in the chapel building program! We will be contacting you right away with the details. (Our office is closed for the holidays, but the Chapel Building coordinator will contact you next week.)
      Enjoy the Christmas Season! Happy New Year, and God bless you!

    • Thank you for your interest, Mr. Valek! We gladly accept donations on our website, pimeusa.org. Simply click “donations” or “get involved”, then click on the program you’d like to support. Then click on “one time donations and recurring payment plans” (in blue at the bottom of the page). From there you will be offered options to use paypal to make your contribution.
      We appreciate your support of the work of the PIME Missionaries!

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