Blog Voices

Cathy Adamkiewicz, Communications Director and Editor of PIME World Magazine

You’ll “hear” Cathy’s voice quite often on this blog – she got it up and running, and handles its “care and upkeep.” (And she is a Chatty Cathy, after all.) Cathy has been with the PIME Missionaries since June of 2009. As a relative newcomer to PIME,  she’s still got lots to learn about who the PIME Missionaries are and what they do. But that also means she has a fresh perspective about sharing their vision. She’s also a big fan of using whatever means are available to proclaim the Gospel – blogs, websites, facebook, twitter, you name it – they’re all fair game in getting the Word out! When she’s not tooling around the internet or getting the next magazine issue ready for print, she’s busy at her first job – being a wife, mom and grandmother.

Email Cathy directly at
And be sure to get your subscription to HER magazine here!


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