PIME (the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) is a Missionary Institute of priests and brothers who dedicate their lives to the mission among non-Christians on the five continents.  We strive to be creative in our missionary presence, spreading the Gospel and promoting dialogue and understanding among religions and cultures.  Working among the poorest people in the world, we are engaged in human development, promotion of justice and peace, and  pastoral care of newly founded Catholic communities.

Founded in Italy in 1850, PIME opened its North American Regional Headquaters in Detroit in 1947.  Here, we promote mission awareness and provide financial assistance for missions and missionaries in developing countries.  We also work with immigrant communities, which allows us to collaborate with the local Church and gives an outward expression of the missionary spirit of PIME.


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  1. Please direct me to information about St. Alberic Crescitelli. I am a close friend of one of his great neices.
    Thank you.

    • Great question! We provide details of our budget once per year in our magazine, PIME World. in 2014, 80% of our expenses were directly related to mission service; 16% were for management and general expenses, and 4% were fundraising costs. Mission service includes financial assistance to the missions, the formation of seminarians and priests, promotion of vocations and missionary service and awareness in the local church.

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