Mission Minded

What does it mean to be “mission minded?”

We try to remind friends and benefactors of the missionaries to be “mission minded.” This means not only to be aware of and supportive of their work in the foreign missions. It doesn’t mean just giving cash to our programs or even simply praying for the missions.

Did you know that every baptized person is called to mission?

That’s right. Every one of us must find ways to bring the Gospel of Christ to those who haven’t heard it.

One might argue that everyone here in the U.S. has heard the Gospel. But have they really? Have they heard it from YOU? More importantly, have they seen it lived out?

Think today about ways you can become more “mission minded.” Do your coworkers see Christ when they see you? How about your family members? Does your life give others a reason to want to follow Jesus?

Here’s a tip: put a smile on your face. Joy is attractive. Others will want to know why you are happy and peaceful. When they see the difference in you, they will be open to hearing the Gospel – even if you don’t use words to share it with them.

And you will be on your way to becoming a missionary yourself, right where you are now, where God has placed you.


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