a gift for Mom

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a holy day that confuses non-Catholics and regular church-goers alike.

Due to its close proximity to Christmas, many mistakenly think it is about the conception of Jesus. Nope. That would be the Virgin Birth. On this day we are talking about Mary’s conception. Mary was conceived without sin, meaning that while she was conceived in the natural way, she carried no stain of Original Sin. This allowed her to remain sin-free her entire life, making her, of course, the kind of vessel the Savior deserved.

Mary, sinless and pure, can be intimidating. Who can relate to someone who never committed a sin?

I think it might be better that we look at Our Blessed Mother as that – a Mother. She wants us to emulate her, but mostly she wants to love us.

Since it’s a holyday, we’ll be attending mass. It might also be nice to do something small for your Mother. Some light “Mary candles,” white candles trimmed with blue. Maybe you have time for a rosary, or simply a Hail Mary said from the heart.

She would probably love it if you could just do something nice for one of your siblings. She is a mother, after all.

Whatever you do, celebrate the fact that you have a wonderful mother who loves you.

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