little flower: great love

Today the universal church celebrates the Feast of St. Therese, the Little Flower.

St. Therese wanted to be a missionary, and ended up being, well, a nobody. She spent most of her 24 years on earth in relative obscurity. She died in a convent where most of the other nuns didn’t even know who she was.

And now she’s one of the Church’s most popular and well-know saints, and the patroness of those missions she longed to visit. That just seems to be the way God likes it – He really meant that whole “the last shall be first” thing.

In addition to those roses she promised to send down from heaven, Therese is best known for her “Little Way.” In a nutshell, she focused on doing small things with great love (like another famous Teresa.) And she was so acutely aware of her own smallness that it became her very identity: she focused solely on God and relied on Him completely for her every need.

Today, we rejoice in the gift of St. Therese to the Church. I think she’d like it best if we honored her by doing some small act of kindness for another today. Is there someone who needs a rose from heaven? Why not be the one to deliver it?


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