Brazil bound!

It’s known as the Spawn of Satan. And if I’m not careful, I might meet up with it next month.

OK, truthfully the risk is quite small. But it makes me feel pretty hardcore to share that when I go to Brazil in October, there is a chance I might encounter this spider. According to one site “the wandering spider is the nastiest animal in Brazil, maybe on Earth. dubbed it “The Spawn of Satan”, but I think this abomination makes Satan look amateurish by comparison. It’s at the same time a spider the size of a crab and the most poisonous spider in the world. Also, it does not flee on seeing a human, instead it will pursue and attack.”


People ask if I’m scared, and truthfully, I’m not. There are scarier things in life than poisonous spiders. It would be scarier to pass up an opportunity like this one, to visit the PIME Missionaries in the Amazon and see first hand the work they are doing in the missions.

I’m very excited, and honored to have my employers extend this generous opportunity to me. I’m fixing to take a ton of photos, and to write lots about my adventures there. If possible I intend to blog “on location.” Because spiders or not, there will be adventures.

I know that for certain, because every day is an adventure. I don’t know who I will meet or what I’ll think of them (or they of me.) I don’t know what the weather will be like, or if our planes will be late or if the boat we take on the Amazon will be seaworthy. I do know there will be challenges, and plenty of them. I’m also certain there will be extraordinary blessings and opportunities for spiritual growth. And probably even a bit of shopping and site seeing (so don’t worry too much about me.;))

I’ll be joining several others on this mission, including our new Outreach Director Fr. Giorgio Ferrara and soon-to-be seminarian Seth. (More about both later.) Please start praying for a safe and fruitful trip for us all. And a few prayers to keep the Spawn away wouldn’t hurt either, just in case.

One thought on “Brazil bound!

  1. I hope you have a fruitful journey – fruitful for you, for those who accompany you, and for those that you meet, but especially for our Lord.

    But NOT for that ugly spider or his kin.

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