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Giving money to the church can be a great work, but money by itself will not get us into heaven or always get us what we want.

In the Acts of the Apostles there is a passage about a man named Simon Magus. Simon saw the great works the apostles performed and “observed that it was through the laying on of hands that the apostles conferred the Spirit, and he made them an offer of money with the request, ‘Give me that power too, so the if I place my hands on anyone he will receive the Holy Spirit.’

Peter said in answer: ‘May you and your money rot – thinking that God’s gift can be bought! … Your heart is not steadfastly set on God. ‘” Acts 8: 18-22

Although I wish we had people chomping at the bit to become priests (and willing to pay us great sums of money to do so) this is just not the case today. But there is more that we can learn from this passage. We are all called by the Lord to draw closer to him and we cannot “pay God off” to get what we want. Although giving of ourselves can be a great thing, we must continually pray that our hearts are in the right place. We need to strive to make our own will and God’s will the same.

Here at PIME we might need your donations to pay the bills, but our main goal is not to get you to write us checks. We’d rather write God’s name on your heart and on all those around the world.

Giovanni Vitale II, Outreach Coordinator

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