summer reading

I have a bookshelf in my office; its contents remain largely untouched. My office mate and I say we have it there to make us look smart. Rarely do we refer to any of the books on its shelves.

But today, I needed inspiration. And believing that only two things change you – the people you meet and the books you read – I went to the shelf and selected something to read.

I settled upon Venerable Clement Vismara’s Apostle of the Little Ones. Vismara was a PIME missionary priest who spent most of his life serving the people – particularly the children – of Burma. (Modern day Myanmar.) It’s a book I’ve spent time with previously. Vismara was mystical and childlike, a combination I find intriguing. Today the book opened to a page marked by a prayer card featuring the well-lined, white bearded face of the saintly man. Here’s what the first line said:

Lord Jesus, I love you with all my heart because you are My God and my All.

Simple words from a simple man, but much to ponder.

I think I could spend much time pondering that brief sentence. Questions began to come… Doesn’t Jesus deserve my whole heart – not just the parts I choose to share with Him? Doesn’t God deserve my love simply because He is God, the One who created me and all things out of pure love? Isn’t he really all I need?

I’m going to spend a little time with Venerable Clement, asking for his intercession. I have the feeling “meeting” him though his book might be just the change I need.

Did you know that the PIME Missionaries offer many books that may change your life? Visit our virtual bookshelves here.

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