dependence day

Last week we in the States celebrated Independence Day. July 4th is a day for picnics, beaches, and fireworks – but at some point many of us do indeed stop to ponder the fact that we are recalling our Nation’s declaration of Independence from England back in the day. It’s a day to be patriotic and, hopefully, thankful for the many blessings we enjoy in America.

Americans are sassy by nature; we relish the fact that we got uppity with the English and told them we could do this on our own, thank you very much. That’s not a bad thing, in fact, it’s a fantastic thing. I for one am exceedingly grateful that our founding fathers had the gumption to do what they did. The United States is a wonderful place to live, a land rich in natural resources, diverse peoples, and extraordinary beauty.

But a little dependence is not a bad thing.

In fact, when we’re talking about dependence on God, we need more than a little.

It’s easy for us – particularly those of us in the Western world – to figure we can pretty much do everything all by our good selves. We are individualistic and brave (again, good qualities) but we tend to forget that without God, we are at best ineffective and at worst destructive. The bottom line is He’s really the only One worth depending on, the One strong enough to bear our burdens and insure our ultimate success.

So I’m declaring this Dependence Day, a day to reflect on our dependence on God. Fireworks and barbecues optional, but highly encouraged! Celebrate! When the parades are over and the lemonade is gone, He’ll be there for you. You can depend on that.

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