goosebumps and awe

A guest post from Fr. Christopher Guy Snyder, administrator of All Saints Parish in Detroit.

Do you ever have one of those moments that gives you goosebumps and takes your breath away? I’ve had several recently. Usually they come when I least expect them, and they just keep reaffirming my core belief that deep down inside people are good and they want to be good. Here’s one that really got me.

As we were processing through the neighborhood last Sunday with the Blessed Sacrament for our Corpus Christi procession, it was touching to see several business owners come out to watch our procession go by. It was heartwarming when people would pull their car over to the side of the road as we were walking by in order to make the sign of the cross. Because the weather was nice there were some people sitting out on their porches, and they stood as Jesus came by blessing their neighborhood. It was interesting that even the ice cream man pulled over, turned off his music, and waited for us to go by – a clear sign of respect for the presence of Holiness in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

But what REALLY touched my heart was when we were coming up Springwells a man pulled his car over, jumped out and knelt on the curb as the Blessed Sacrament went by. This took my breath away and tears came to my eyes because it was so spontaneous and so genuine. I stopped momentarily and gave him a blessing with Sacramental Jesus because it was clear that he loved Jesus. He and his wife then joined us for the procession.

When I returned home I began preparing the readings for [June 13] and I was struck at how much the episode between Jesus and Simon really hit home with what I had just experienced in our neighborhood. Many times in our world we get caught up in what we want and how many things we have… even to the point of judging others. I know that I, sometimes, am self-conscious and worry about what others might think about me (even in public… especially in public!). So sometimes we judge others based on our standards. But Mary in today’s Gospel wasn’t worried about what others were thinking, only what Jesus was thinking. She had known his love and forgiveness, and she loved him so much to humble herself in his presence. And this is what that gentleman did today as Jesus passed by. He humbled himself – not worrying about what others might be thinking; no, he only wanted to show his love and devotion for Jesus who had done so much for him.

Our hustle-bustle world doesn’t always allow it, but have you ever stopped to reflect on how your day is going and asked yourself where Jesus is? Have you ever taken a break in your routine to stop in pray in a Church, a hospital chapel, or even just in the silence of your heart… just “because”… knowing that Jesus has done so much for you? Do we allow ourselves to worry too much about what others think and not enough about what Jesus might think?

Have a great week, let us pray for each other, and in all we do, let us continue giving praise and glory to God who has done – and continues to do – much for us! Peace! ~Father Christopher

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