season finale

Don’t worry, this is not the last blog post, and you don’t have to wait until next season for more posts. It’s just that this time of the year all our favorite shows are taking a break or having their series finale. One of the main reasons we watch these shows is because we want to know more. We want to know who is going to do what next and how they are going to do it. We might not even like the show but we watch because we want to know more. We want to figure out the mystery of the unknown.

I think this longing for knowledge and the solving of these mysteries tells us a great deal about ourselves as persons. We want to solve the great mystery; to know God and His awesome plan for us. We like these TV shows because in some way they give us what we want from God. In these shows we are able to see all the connections in their little world. We can see how one person’s actions affect others and are able to see the whole plan. During this time of the year all the questions, conflicts, and mysteries of these shows are solved and we gain understanding. In a way we became trapped by the lack of knowledge they provided us, which caused us to continue watching. And if the TV series producers were smart they’d leave us with some big revelation at the end that gets us to tune in next season.

God does not want to trap us like some of these shows might. The knowledge of God sets us free. The more we know God and pray we might learn more about Him, ourselves, and the world we live in. But we won’t know God’s master plan and the effects of our actions until we are with Him in heaven.

God has an awesome plan for us and for the whole world. God may give us a little taste every now and then if we are playing attention. A friend might tell you that something you did five years ago really changed their life for the better, or a stranger might make your day by giving you a smile. As the old song goes, God works in mysterious ways. Pay attention and see how God is working in your life and how you are working in other’s.

Are you hooked?

Will you be watching to see what great thing God has in store for you next?

Stay tuned!

Giovanni Vitale, II
Outreach Coordinator


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