in God’s hands

Has anyone every told you to put a situation or a person “in God’s hands?”

You know how it is – you are experiencing a challenge. You’re worried or afraid. Someone you love is hurting or in danger. The future seems bleak. And someone says, “Don’t worry, just pray. And leave everything in God’s hands.”

What are God’s hands like? Are they weak hands that will let go of us? Of course not. They are strong, strong enough to hold the entire universe. They are also gentle hands, hands that that will only touch us with love. They can be trusted, and they will never do us harm.

Sometimes we place situations in God’s hands, and that don’t turn out as we’d like. Our prayers aren’t answered they way we think they should be. In short, we suffer, and cry out to God. Are you really holding me? Why does it have to be this way?

That’s when he shows us the hands of His Son. Those hands have been wounded, and the scars on them remain as a reminder of love. Jesus suffered for us, and He suffers with us now. When we are in the Father’s hands, we are hand-in-hand with our Brother Jesus. When we truly abandon ourselves – and all our cares, our worries and concerns – to God, we are in the best of hands, always.

Be at peace today.

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