My Mother, My Confidence!

The Devotion:
Our Lady of Confidence is a beautiful portrait of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus in her arms. The original was painted by Carlo Maratta (1623-1713) and was donated to Sr. Clare Isabella, the abbess of the Poor Clares of St. Francis Convent of Todi, Italy.

Sr. Clare developed a deep and tender devotion to the Blessed Mother through the beautiful painting. She received a promise of particular consolation from the Blessed Virgin for all who venerate her through the image.
The PIME Association:
The devotion to Our Lady of Confidence by the seminarians of the Roman Major Seminary goes back to the late 18th century. A copy of the picture is venerated today in the chapel of the seminary – the same seminary where the late Fr. Nicholas Maestrini, PIME studied. Fr. Maestrini developed a devotion to Our Lady of Confidence, and obtained a canvas copy of the image from his Alma Mater. Today, the painting hangs in the chapel of the PIME Regional Headquarters in Detroit.

The Promise:
“The divine Lady deigned to reveal to me that every soul that confidently presents herself before this picture will obtain from her Divine SSon the genreal pardon for all her sins. Moreover, my divine Lady assured me with the love of a true mother that she would grant a special tenderness to everyone who contemplated this picture.”

The Prayer:
O Mary Immaculate, the precious name of Mother of Confidence, with which we honor you, fills our eharts to overflowing with the sweetest consolation and moves us to hope for every blessing from you. If such a titile has been given to you, its is a sure sign that no one has recourse to you in vain.

Accept, therefore, with a mother’s love, our devout homage as we earnestly beseech you to be gracious to us in every need. We pray that you will make us live in constant union with you and your divine Son, Jesus.

With you as our guide, we are certain that we shall walk in the right way and that it will be our happy lot to hear you say on the last day of our life those words of comfort: “Come, my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord.” Amen.

Today begins the annual novena to Our Lady of Confidence. Through our website, you can take part in a “virtual” prayer experience of the novena. Won’t you join us in prayer, wherever you are?


18 thoughts on “My Mother, My Confidence!

  1. When I was in labor with my first child my mother gave me a prayer card or scapula to ask Mary praying for her confidence during labor. My birth and my infant daughter were perfectly normal. But now it’s 50 years later and we both need Mary . Please pray for her, she is suffering and only prayer can reach her, as her mother l cry for My Mother, My Confidence once more. Where can l find a prayer card or scapula?

    • Mary Jo,
      We would be happy to pray for you and your daughter, and provide you with a prayer card of Our Lady of Confidence. Someone will be contacting you by email shortly. Peace to you!

      • Praise God thank you Cathy for the lovely magazine and also to wish you a very happy birthday and every good wish to you Cathy I love the silk scarves on the back page by the mission store so I’m going to send away for two please (1 blue/ green (1 orange/ yellow please I will send the money Cathy also some prayer leaflets to Our Lady of Confidence and a badge if you can Bless you Thanks very much Anne

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    • Praise God thank you for email I would love some prayer cards / leaflets to My Mother my Confidence please will send donation will also pray for you and yours Bless you Anne

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  2. Love this prayer of my mother my confidence could you pray for me and my baby im carrying that it all goes ok thank you godbless i to would love a prayer card i could send donation to this prayer helped my sister st a very hard time in her life and i beleive it can help me godbless

    • Thank you so much where can I get some of the portraits please? I will send a donation Blessings Anne

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  3. what an inspiring devotion in these desperate times. Please if you would be so kind more prayers to Our Lady Of Confidence would be appreciated, I am desperate, but are not we all these days. Thanks and Prayers, Tania Green

  4. I am in need of prayers right now for my ongoing illness that poses risks for childbearing and birth, as well as other more serious complications for me in the future. My husband and I ask you to please pray for us that our prayers be answered for a healing of this illness so that we can have children and so that I will have no future complications because of it. We would also be grateful if you could let us know how to find a prayer card for Our Lady of Confidence. Thank you for your prayers and God bless.

  5. Dear Friends ,Please will you send me prayer cards ect , I would love to promote Our Lady Of Confidence in Ireland , Would you help me by sending any magazines that would help me in my endeavours .
    Thank you so much,
    Yours faithfully
    Brendan McGrath.
    Co. Tipperary.

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