what do you want????

I want to get a new car, maybe that new Volkswagen Routan. I want to redo the kitchen and get a wonderful new stainless steel fridge. I want to do some landscaping in my front lawn with a little cherry blossom tree. I want to watch sports and get some season tickets to the Detroit Lions. I want to go out and ride bikes and play softball. I want to work less and spend more time with my family. I want to play with my little boy Zeke, and go on romantic dates with my wife. I want. I want. I want. We all do this and we all have our own lists.

Today let’s take some time and think about what God wants for us. We don’t have to toss out our lists, but let us ask God if our wants are things that God wants for us.

God wants me to be happy and filled with His joy. God wants to give us so much grace; all we have to do is ask. God wants us to seek forgiveness and turn our sins into new life. God wants us to draw closer to Him and be wrapped in His love. Let us add, “I want to do Your will, Lord” to our lists.

Let’s pray: Lord, I will try to do whatever you ask of me, with the help I know you will give.

Giovanni Vitale II, Outreach Coordinator

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