Happy Easter!

I’m not known for my promptness, but this greeting isn’t really late.

It’s still Easter – and will continue to be Easter until Pentecost, which falls this year on May 23.

Catholics are sometimes referred to as “Easter people” – we are called to live out the message of Easter every day of the year, in fact. So what is the message of Easter? I was shocked to read of a recent survey that indicated that only 47% of Catholics could identify the “real meaning” of Easter. Huh? I couldn’t imagine what they think it’s about. Several folks I asked supposed that they thought the day focused on the death of Jesus. One said he had even heard a priest preach on Jesus’ death on Easter Sunday.

I know the readers of this blog know better – Easter celebrates the glorious Resurrection of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. “Easter people” are filled with the joy this knowledge brings. “Easter people” know that this event (Christ’s resurrection) was THE pivotal event of human history, something worth celebrating every day of the year.

So Happy Easter! Celebrate the Good News!

If you like poetry, you might enjoy this poem I composed a couple years ago on Easter morning.

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