beauty from China

The April issue of PIME World, which will arrive in your mailbox any day now, focuses on the work of the PIME Missionaries in China. Included is an article on the Hui Ling Center in Guangzhou, where those with mental disabilities are cared for in a creative environment that encourages acceptance and personal growth. The center includes an integrated kindergarten and programs for older children, adults and the elderly. In China, there is great prejudice against the disabled, and they are hidden away and ignored. The dedicated staff of Hui Ling seeks to change those attitudes. (PIME missionary Fr. Fernando Cagnin volunteers there as a computer instructor, and Fr. Mario Marazzi, PIME lives in a “family home” with disabled persons.)

So many beautiful photographs were available to us, and since we could only include a few in the magazine — here are a few more wonderful shots of those served by Hui Ling – and some of the artwork they create there.


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