The World Mission Rosary

Many turn to traditional devotions – like the Rosary – to enhance their Lenten meditations. Did you know there is a Rosary designed to focus your prayers on the missions?

The World Mission Rosary was created by the late great Bishop Fulton Sheen in 1951, then national director for the Society for the Propagation of Faith. On in his “Catholic Hour” radio broadcast Bishop Sheen made an appeal to “Embrace the World in Prayer” through the mission mysteries. Each of the five decades of the World Mission Rosary have different colors that represent different mission regions of the world:

• Yellow for the rising sun over Asia
• Red for the blood of the martyrs of the Americas
• White for Europe, home of the Holy Father, and his call for new evangleization
• Blue for the island nations of the world
• Green for the grasslands and forests of Africa.

With this “geographical” rosary, we can also reflect on the five points of evangelization described by Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Redemptoris Missio, “On the Mission of the Redeemer.” These are: Inter-religious dialogue; Liturgy; Solidarity; Witness;and Proclamation.

Mission rosaries are available at many Catholic stores and online sites, including this one.

Guests of PIME at our Soup Luncheon next Tuesday will receive a rosary as our gift. This special Lenten luncheon will honor PIME’s 50 years of involvement with medical relief in the missions, and will feature a talk by Fr. Sergio Fossati, PIME who recently visited Asia.

There is still time for you to attend! Let us know you can come by calling (313)342-4066 or emailing Barbara at

And when you pray, don’t forget the PIME Missionaries!

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