snow days and school days

Here in Detroit, it’s a “snow day.”

For the children, this is a very good thing. It means snowball fights and snowmen, snow forts and snow angels. It means hot chocolate and sledding. And best of all, it means NO SCHOOL.

The kids love the day off that sometimes comes along with the snowfall. But after a day or two, even the most recalcitrant kids are ready to go back. And even if the children don’t recognize it, their parents know that their children are fortunate to have good schools to attend.

Can you imagine if school were a luxury that your children had to do without?

Children in developing countries struggle to get an education, and many are not able to attend school. Sometimes they must abandon their education in order to work to assist their parents financially. Sometimes the costs associated with schooling are just too much for the families to take on.

The PIME Missionaries assist children like these every day through their Foster Parents/Adoptions at a Distance Program. Through cooperation with orphanages and schools in countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Brazil, PIME allows individuals and groups to “adopt at a distance” children who might otherwise go without proper nutrition, medical care and schooling.

Hundreds of children like Joseph and Reshma, pictured here, are waiting for someone to help them receive an education.

Joseph is nine years old, and is one of seven children. His parents, Cornelius and Susanna, work hard in Bangladesh to provide for him and his siblings, but it is difficult.

Reshma, who is seven, lives in a small rented house with her family in India. Her parents are agricultural laborers who only work seasonally. Reshma attends St. Francis School, and her teachers report she is very intelligent and gets along well with the other children. Sadly, her parents are finding it a challenge to send her there. Without assistance, she will not be able to continue.

As a mother, my heart breaks every time I read the stories of these little ones. I wish I could help them all! When I see their faces, I see my own children looking back at me. I feel so thankful that my children are well-fed and attend a good school.

None of us can help all of these children. But we can help some of them.

Let us know if you like to be a part of our Foster Parents program. Joseph and Reshma and many others need sponsors. Perhaps the Lenten sacrifices you’ve been thinking about might include helping a special child like them.

You can start the process by clicking HERE.

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