Survivor: Lenten Edition

I’ve never been a fan of the Survivor television series, probably because I’m usually too busy trying to survive my own circumstances to take the time to tune in. (In fact, friends and I lament that the lives of mothers would be the most difficult type of reality for many to endure!)

PIME priest Fr. Steve admits to the “guilty pleasure” of watching the show – and manages to find some Lenten inspiration there.

He writes:
“Nice reflection about the coming season of Lent. It made me think again of a “crazy idea” I had some time ago….The catchwords on the Survivor logo are: outwit, outlast, outplay. I was thinking that a play on these words, using the three recommended Lenten practices would be: outgive, outfast, outpray. I even imagined taking the Survivor logo and adapting it for Lent…”

Isn’t that a great idea?

What if we could outGIVE, outFAST and outPRAY this year? And who should our competition be? Our neighbor? A family member? The Jalapao Tribe?

Naw. Let’s just outdo ourselves, shall we?

Let’s challenge ourselves to take Lent up a notch this year. Let’s try to give a little more, fast a little more, and pray a little more than we have in years past.

Better yet, let’s love a little more.

Lent starts in a little more than a week. Make this Lent a “reality show” that matters – your life: lived well.


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