google: China

What’s important?

If you have looked at the news recently you may have noticed a popular story about Google leaving China because of their government’s censorship laws. A few people in China even decided to show their respect to Google by leaving flowers at their China headquarters. I don’t disagree with Google actions, and in fact I believe it is very bold of them to do this.

In other news, China has been battling to keep the Catholic Church underground for decades. In fact, St. Alberic and seven other PIME priests have been martyred in China. Last week, Bishop Leon Yao Liang (who was not allowed the title of Bishop in China) died at the age of 87. This man was loyal to the Vatican and spent almost 30 years, from 1958 to 1984, in a Chinese prison for it. The Chinese government even withheld news of his death. Even with this strong oppression by the government, thousands of people fought the cold, snow, and police to attend Bishop Yao’s funeral

This morning I compared the number of search results of these two stories. I discovered a few people leaving flowers at the Google headquarters gained thousands of news articles and thousands of people attending Bishop Yao’s funeral gained only five articles.

So the question remains: What is important?

Giovanni Vitale II, Outreach Coordinator

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