simply the best

They say that only two things really change you: the people you meet and the books you read.

I happen to think this axiom is a true one.

Regarding the latter, a book I read in 2009 keeps coming to mind these days. More importantly, the central message of the book is echoing in my mind and heart: “Become the best version of yourself.”

That’s what Matthew Kelly presents – somewhat relentlessly – in his book The Rhythm of Life (Fireside, 2004). Perfection, sainthood, call it what you will; we are called to become something better, but something unique. We’re not to have the talents of our neighbors; we’re here to develop our own.

It strikes me that that’s where true happiness lies. We so often covet the gifts given to others, wishing we could be richer/thinner/smarter/holier than we are. What if we really explored our individuality, and attempted to become the people God created us to be? He likes variety, after all, and He made us to be unique reflections of Himself.

Many of us made resolutions last week. Such resolutions are by definition self-focused, and that’s OK. Let’s just remember that those resolutions will fail if they aren’t grounded in a desire to become more fully ourselves – and as a result bring us closer to God and others.


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