what if it’s true?

Years ago, a family member was living a lifestyle that did not include a relationship with God, and I was worried about him.

He was doing lots of things that were dangerous and unhealthy. I was worried about him for many reasons, but mostly I was concerned about his spiritual life. Not sure what to say or do, knowing that God was really the only one who could work in this young man’s heart, I simply asked him a question.

What if it’s true?

What if all the things we were taught as children weren’t just myths and legends? What if Jesus really did come to save us? What if he really was born in Bethlehem in a stable with a magnificent star overhead? What if he really did die for us, and rise again on the third day? What if there really is a God who cares about us all the time and wants us to have a relationship with him?

What if?

I thought of this conversation today when I read this excellent post (it’s from a few years back – but still outstanding) on one of my favorite blogs. The author, who was a life-long atheist until 2006, writes about discovering that Christmas is more than just a myth – and that the angels and shepherds she heard about in seasonal songs were not just fun characters like Frosty and Rudolph. (That’s what she thought of them when she was an atheist child who celebrated the holiday.)

Realizing that Christmas is real is quite mindblowing. All of the warmth and joy of the season is there for a reason. Wow.

It’s rather like discovering that missionaries don’t go to foreign lands just to provide social services for the poor people in developing nations, but because they have a real and living Faith that they are so in love with they must share it.

Ponder this: Christmas will be here soon, and God is ready to fill your heart with the joy and peace only He can bring. Really. Believe it. Ask yourself: What if it’s true?

Note: That family member took the question to heart, and eventually had a re-conversion that brought him back to the faith of his youth. He has joyfully lived it out since.

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