(almost) Wordless Wednesday

As you can imagine, as editor of PIME World Magazine, I sort through scores of photographs on a weekly basis. Fr. Sergio returned from his trip to Asia with hundreds more to add to our collection.

I’m a big fan of imagery. Despite the fact that, as a writer, I dig verbiage, I realize that the old adage about one picture and a thousand words is a true one.

In that spirit, and in recognition of this popular midweek blogging trend, I’ll be posting photos on Wednesdays. Every day I see pictures that touch me in one way or another. I hope they speak to you, as well.

If you have questions about any of the photographs, please include them in the comments section or email me at pimeworld [at] pimeusa.org.

From the Fang Mission in Thailand:
6 Gennaio 2007 (125)20 Gennaio 2007 (4)Novembre 2006 (57)Sensuk November 3 2006 (220)บ่อแร่ 15 August 2006 (41)


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