one good deed

Family_Circus_good-deed-721013This morning our receptionist received a beautiful note from one of our PIME priests. With his permission, she shared it with our staff, and I found it very encouraging. I think you will, too.

Fr. Raco had visited some American parishes on mission appeals. Here he recounts one of his experiences:

I was impressed by one little child who served my mass during one of the mission appeals. Before giving the altar servers the kiss of peace (shaking hands) I asked them their names and one of them said: ADRIAN. I was shocked because I was expecting a girl’s name since his hair was long and blonde….but it was a boy. He had his mother ask me to go for dinner to their house. This is the first time that ever happened to me because most of the time I cook something that is there in the parish house and eat alone. Now that little young man wrote to me a letter telling me HE PRAYS FOR ME EVERY DAY and wants to grow up and become a saint like me….can you believe that?

I share that with you because it touched my heart deeply and I think people like you who work for PIME something need to hear things like this especially when they are true… I hope this touches your heart too and somehow makes you feel some satisfaction that you are working for us there.

And there is more: Can you believe that he was so thoughtful that HE REMEMBERED MY FEAST DAY on October 4th and asked his mother to bake special cookies for me and send them to me? Isn’t that just WONDERFUL… no wonder JESUS LOVED LITTLE CHILDREN… they have the biggest heart which gives them great ideas on how to make others happy and the best thing is they do this most innocent too. No wonder our late Pope John Paul II just loved to be with children….wow. They know how to make you want to LIVE AND CONTINUE LOVING no matter what….and miracles likes this one will happen when you least expect them. I share this joy with you—isn’t it great. You can share this with others in the office too. GOD LOVE YOU!
In Jesus,
Fr. Frank Raco

Isn’t this a wonderful example of what the love of one little child can do? Remember: do small things with great love, and God will use them to make a big impact!

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