daredevils for God

Tagaytay ZiplineThis picture of Fr. Guy and Fr. Steve gave me a chuckle, but it also got me thinking about the nature of the missionary calling. (You can read about Fr. Guy’s adventures in the Philippines here.)

Being a missionary priest is really, well, outrageous.

Think about it: first, they must dedicate several years of their lives to studying for the priesthood. After they’ve earned the equivalent of a doctorate, they don’t celebrate by purchasing a new car or taking a cool vacation. Nope, they pack up and head off to some remote location – chosen by someone else. But they don’t even do that before spending even MORE time studying – this time the culture, traditions and language of the people they’ll serve.

Then they arrive at their mission, knowing they will be experiencing a world that is vastly different than the one they have left behind. They might encounter uncomfortable living conditions, harsh weather, and even hostility from the people. Everything familiar to them is miles away.

All but the one thing that remains the same – the one thing they take with them.

Their faith goes too, the faith that empowers them and gives them the courage to live such an “outrageous” life.

Some people say that any man who would choose to do this must be crazy. I say they’re just daredevils of the very best kind.

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