around the world with our PIME priests

Fr. Christopher Snyder (AKA Fr. Guy) is yet another of our PIME priests traveling the world!
Fr. Guy is the pastor of All Saints parish in Southwest Detroit, where he has done great things for the people of this mostly Hispanic community. He met up with Fr. Sergio in the Philippines, where’s he’s now visiting with Fr. Steve Baumbaush.

Catch up with Fr. Guy at the blog he has set up for the occasion. You’ll enjoy his warmth and wit!

Also be sure to visit the PIME Philippines site, where you can see more photos of Fr.Guy and learn about PIME’s mission there. There’s also at least one photo of Fr. Sergio!

As for Fr. Sergio, we haven’t heard from him in a few days. As you can imagine, some of the areas he’s visiting aren’t equipped with modern computers and internet access. According to his itinerary, he should be returning to Manila tomorrow, and on Sunday he’ll head to Bangkok.

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