typhoon!: the continuing adventures of Fr. Sergio

typhoonOndoy is the local name of the typhoon (hurricane) that is still pounding over the Philippines. Indeed I forgot how scary a typhoon can be, even if we are safe here at the Euntes Center. The center has been smartly built on a hill, several feet above the sea level. But you get wet even if you stand near a window, given the violence of the rain and of the winds.

I can’t believe how fortunate I have been with my journey so far! I landed in Hong Kong just after a typhoon caused some damage. Houses in Hong Kong are solid, therefore the damage only consisted in few trees eradicated. Then, I landed in Manila in between two typhoons. The rain was heavy but the winds were not that strong. Unfortunately, many houses in Manila can be blown away in a moment!

And then I left for Zamboanga, constantly flying between two layers of clouds. Generally, this part of the island of Mindanao is not hit by the typhoons with full force. They say that only the “tails” of that huge formations of clouds, heavy with rain, reach Zamboanga. But it is no fun anyway!

I remember my first (and only!) shipwreck under a typhoon, when a huge wave pushed my small boat several yards onto the Sibuco beach. I was terrified but safe, because tha boat rested on the white sand instead of capsizing and being sucked back into the Pacific Ocean.

I really kept the Lord very busy protecting me during my years in Sibuco, my mission!

Let us keep all those who are suffering now in the Philippines in our prayers.

Fr. Sergio's view of the storm from the Euntes Center in the Philippines.

Fr. Sergio's view of the storm from the Euntes Center in the Philippines.

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