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legbehindheadHow to Be A Missionary: Giovanni’s Top Tips

Tip #12: Go with the flow
Being a missionary takes flexibility. You do a lot moving around from place to place, not sure of the conditions you will be encountering. Will these people speak the language that I learned, or some crazy dialect? Will I like the food? Will I be able to get internet!?

Missionaries need to work with what they have and with what the people know. Remember that story about St. Patrick using the three leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity? He used the simple means that God provided him with to teach people an important lesson. He was flexible enough to recognize that the tools he needed were right in front of him.

We too need to be flexible in our daily lives, but that is not the only way we need to be flexible.

Flexibility with the Lord is also a must to be a missionary. We might have these huge plans and some great vision about how we plan to impact the world. Our plans might be good or even great, but is our plan God’s plan? The path might be winding, and you might even feel like you are going in the wrong direction, but Jesus will lead you to His goal. We need to focus on the cross and follow.

It is good to have a plan for success, but make sure you listen because God might want you to take the scenic route.


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