where in the world is Fr. Sergio? – part one

…is Fr. Sergio?

As mentioned here, our Fr. Sergio is on a “world-wide” mission trek. He left Detroit on Monday and safely made it to his first stop – Hong Kong. map of hong kong

Father has obliged his demanding editor with a great email account of his journey so far. He writes:

I arrived yesterday night (Tuesday Sept 15) at Hong Kong after a long flight from Detroit to Tokyo and a shorter one from Tokyo to Hong Kong. The second flight was a little bumpy, near Taiwan, because the tail of a typhoon (that’s how they call the hurricanes in Asia) was still active. I missed the typhoon by a few hours!

Frs. Gian Battista Inselvini (Italian) and Fr. Raja Duggimpudi (Indian), both PIME, were waiting for me at the airport. I saw many wearing masks and we had to fill a form in which we declared whether we had “swine flu” symptoms.

The impact with the hot and humid air, just outside the airport, was almost …..breathtaking! In the sense that I really I had the feeling I was breathing …more steam that oxygen! In fact, humidity is 100% and the temperature was 90 degrees F.

I was so happy to see again Fr.Raja, who is one of my first students when I was rector at our Tagaytay PIME Seminary. He is a very bright young priest who speaks an excellent Italian. but you should hear him speaking Cantonese (the Chinese dialect spoken here in Hong Kong)! He sounds – to my Western hears – almost like a native!
That makes me proud!

After five hours of sleep, with the airconditioner at full power, I woke up somehow refreshed. I celebrated Mass with the rector of the House, Fr. Filippo Commissari (a long time missionary in Hong Kong). Then, while Fr.Raja was trying to get a visa for me to China, I went out with Fr. Gian Battista to see a Chinese meat and fruit Market. I have been to several places in the world, and I believe markets are the best ones to observe the local people.

People were all friendly (I am always with somebody speaking Chinese!). It seems to me that Chinese do not mind crowded places, where you have to make your way (politely) pushing here and there. I think Americans would hate that closeness!

Tomorrow, with Fr. Raja, we will take the train to Canton. There, we will meet Frs. Cagnin and Marazzi (PIME) working with the mentally disabled of Hui Ling community. Friday we will take a bus to Macau and on the same day we will take a boat back to Hong Kong.

Before he left, Fr. Sergio seemed a little nervous about the trip. Now, all I hear in his voice is excitement!

Please keep Father in your prayers as he continues his journey. Enjoy the photos!

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