Pope Benedict Finger PointingTo be a missionary!

We are kicking off our new “Be a Missionary” Blog Campaign at PIME. How have YOU been a missionary? Come on, you know you have! Don’t see yourself going across the world and serving others? Don’t worry, you can be a missionary without ever leaving your city or your comfy chair for that matter. You can be a missionary by helping the poor, telling someone at the grocery store about your faith, commenting on our blog, or just giving someone a smile. And of course you are also a missionary when you pray for those in need.

Don’t worry, I will be here to help you along the way with helpful tips on how to be a missionary.

As in Tip # 32: Relate with others
When I said “share your faith in the grocery store” I didn’t mean go down an aisle and ask everyone if they know Jesus. What I mean is be kind, don’t run people over with your cart, give a person a coupon for something they are buying, or help a person reach the bottle on the top shelf. Meet people were they are at. After you open the door and make a personal connection with someone then you can begin to introduce them to Jesus. Relating with a person could happen very quickly or it could take years. The thing is not to push Jesus on people, but to be Jesus to others. That is what it means to be a missionary.

OK, now it’s your turn. Write in with your missionary story at outreach@pime.org – we would love to hear from you. Or of course you can simply leave a comment here.

Giovanni Vitale II
Outreach Coordinator


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