are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

“Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys…lombardy trophy As I look down at my newborn son, so small and full of potential, I think about all the possibilities for his future. As a parent I want the best for my children. I want to see them do great things and I have the faith that they will.

I want them to go to college and become doctors and lawyers and such. Well, I hope my son will be a football player. Maybe an NFL quarterback or running back. He could be an all star, fans would love him, and he would someday win that big game.

But then maybe my son will be a priest…

Our culture today measures success by fame and fortune. The life of a priest seems like such a waste. Furthermore many parents would die if their son became a priest. Who is going to carry on the family name? Where are their grandchildren going to come from?

We need to support our children and all young people. Tell them a life as a priest, brother, or sister is not a waste. Priests have the most important role in today’s society: they bring us Jesus. They are there to bring us into the Church, offer us Christ’s forgiveness, and prepare us for death. They walk with us through life. So would you rather have your son lifting up some trophy or raising Jesus up for all to see? Maybe my son can do both 😉

Giovanni Vitale II
Outreach Coordinator

2 thoughts on “are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

  1. Yours is a beautiful reflection. How wonderful – to have a daughter or a son who wish to enter religious life, and to be fully supportive of their decision.

    What would have happened if our dear St. Thérèse’ parents had refused to allow her into the carmel?

    God bless you and thank you!

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