the trashcan prophecies

200_Trash-CanEvery office staff has quirky little things they do to keep things fun, right?

Around here, our design director has a habit of standing behind my desk, wadding up some paper destined for the garbage, and making a Very Important Prediction of one sort or another.

“If I make this shot,” he declares, “you will win this week’s Mega Millions lottery.”


“If I make this shot, I’ll meet my future wife at the post office this morning.”

Or even:

“If I make this shot, Bret Favre will retire.”

You get the picture.

Then, the aforementioned wad of paper is sent sailing for the metal trashcan across the office. Sometimes it makes it to its goal, often not. (Either way, don’t worry – I take it to the recycling bin.) Are the trashcan prophecies accurate? Are we in fact blessed with an oracle, or our own private Magic Eight Ball?

Nah, but it sure is fun.

Our outreach coordinator got in on the game yesterday, but he let something mighty important ride.

“If I make this shot, I’ll get lots of vocations for PIME this year.”

The makeshift ball went flying, and he uttered a caveat: “With the Holy Spirit’s help.”

Time stood still.

In slow motion, the paper arced smoothly upwards as it left his hand. It headed directly for the can – it was going to make it in! – and then landed on the ground next to it.

For a micro-second our hearts fell. And then – IT BOUNCED UP AND LANDED IN THE CAN.

“With the Holy Spirit’s help?”

I don’t know about you, but lots of my hopes and dreams have ended up in the cosmic circular file.

I hope that’s not the case here.

Those not inhabiting the land under rocks are aware that we need priests. A trashcan prophecy can’t make it happen, but ya know what?

The Holy Spirit can.

We have to do our job, too. We need to pray that many young men are inspired to consider the priesthood. We have to support our clergy. We need to let others know about the amazing work of priests like those in our missions.

And we have to keep taking a shot, right? ūüôā

Have some fun here.