the down-trodden missionary

guy with rock
It is difficult to get things done when one has a million things on the brain.

I wanted to post some amazing earth-shaking article all last week that would bring everyone into a more personal relationship with Jesus, promote world peace, foster thousands of vocations, and aid all the children of the world. We all know I am not that guy and I never will be, and that no one could ever do such things. It is all about one heart at a time. But still, what do I write?!

Ever since I started working at PIME, every day I feel more like a missionary. I started full of life, and joy, with a million ideas and the energy to do them all. I’d say to myself, “I am a missionary. I am doing my part in bringing Christ to others. Oh Praise Jesus!” Now I believe I am feeling like a real missionary saying, “Oh Lord, help me! What am I doing in this foreign land? What happened to all that energy I had? Please Jesus, help me!”

Now, my problems are not that big, but they got my thinking about the real missionaries out there. The ones in the foreign land were no one speaks their language, where they have no comforts of home, and have the feeling of complete loneliness even when surrounded by people. These men put everything on the line to bring Christ to others.

The late Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic Exhortation Christifideles Laici wrote:
“You who are abandoned and pushed to the edges of our consumer society; you who are sick, people with disabilities, the poor and hungry, migrants and prisoners, refugees, unemployed, abandoned children and old people who feel alone; you who are victims of war and all kinds of violence: the Church reminds you that she shares your suffering…We need you to teach the whole world what love is…”

These men find their hope in Christ and his Church which enables them to teach the whole world what love is! What can we do to support these men? What can we do to encourage others to follow in their footsteps?

I don’t have all the answers. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave a comment here and give me your thoughts on encouragement.

Giovanni Vitale II
PIME Missionaries Outreach Coordinator