straight talk on vocations

Seeking directionI don’t want to make you or your loved ones priests.

I just want you to think about it and more importantly to pray about it. It is good for us, as the curious people that we are, to explore our options. Many people today just look at the cons of becoming a priest. “I can never have a family, no wife, no kids” they think. “I will be all alone.” Or parents might say, “Oh, my son will never give me any grandchildren.” Or you ladies out there might say, “There goes another Fr. What A. Waste.”

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits. Well, number one, you act as the Person of Christ! Your family is no longer limited to those you are related to, but you become the father of a whole parish! Missionary priests set out to remote regions all over the world to share the Gospel! It takes a man with great love to care for that many people.

You can keep on adding to both of these lists on your own, but the point is to think about it. Think about becoming a priest. Don’t just think about it once or for a weekend, but think about it until you are in the vocation that the Lord wants you to be in – be it priest, religious, married, or even single.

My goal here at the PIME Missionaries to not persuade men to become priests, but to help them discern what the Lord wants for their lives, something each of us must take seriously!

Giovanni Vitale II
PIME Missionaries Outreach Coordinator