try this on Sunday

manPrayingIn parishes around the world there always seems to be a line after mass of people who want to speak with the priest.

Many of these people do something that sort of bugs me. They ask the priest to pray for them, their family, a sick friend, a lost job, every little medical issue and/or a million other things.

Now do not get me wrong, it is good to ask people and priests to pray for things in our lives all the time. But this being the Year of the Priests and all I think we need to start something a little different.

Instead of giving the priest our laundry list of prayers we should ask the priest if there is anything he needs prayers for. Or simply say to him, “I am keeping you in my prayers.”

Our priests need support to be strong holy men of God. We need to be the ones to lift them up so that they can come back down and give us Christ. Let these men in your life know that you are praying for them.

Giovanni Vitale, II
Outreach Coordinator