listen up!

whisperIf today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.

These words sound so beautiful, so profound, like poetry to our ears. We may hear these words and hold them as true but do we really know what they mean? We think that we will never harden our hearts if the Lord speaks to us. Or that the Lord only speaks to prophets, or to those saint characters, and when He does come it is with force and thunder and a voice that shakes the earth! If we are waiting for something like this our hearts may already be hardened.

Elijah, in 1 Kings 19:11-13, went to the mountain to hear the voice of the Lord. The mighty winds come and throw rocks on the ground, the earth shakes, and then fire falls from the sky, but the Lord is not heard in any other these. Elijah then hears a tiny whispering sound, and in this wee whisper hears the Lord.

We cannot hear the Lord with ipods in our ears, watching TV or movies, or when twittering and updating our facebooks all day. We can only hear the Lord if we take time to be quiet and listen for that tiny whisper. The Lord may speak to us in many ways: through a friend, nature, this blog, or any small quirky moment in our day.

The Lord is always willing to talk, but are we open to listening? So today let us listen for His voice, and harden not our hearts.

Giovanni Vitale II
PIME Missionaries Outreach Coordinator