whatever it takes

pencilsWhen one hears “missionary work” one thinks of the priests and brothers serving the poor in remote regions – and that would be accurate.

But it might surprise you to learn the many ways PIME Missionaries “get the job done.”

The PIME Missionaries sponsor a variety of programs that help the poor in developing countries. But we’re not just about “programs.” If a need doesn’t fall into a specific category, we don’t ignore it. We find a way.

The “General Works” of PIME involve caring for the missions in every aspect. Just like families can’t anticipate every need that might come along, we can’t always plan for all our missions need. Transportation fails. Natural disasters destroy. Homes need to be built. Wells must be dug. Structures must be maintained.

Each issue of PIME World Magazine features opportunities for our friends to assist our work by aiding with specific projects.

For example, our August issue includes info on school children in the remote region of Guntur, India. (When you receive your copy, make sure you look up the “Mission Partnership” section. Not receiving PIME World yet? Click here.) They need basic school supplies. Yep, paper, pencils, that kind of thing. And we plan to help them.

Often, our view of missionary work is narrow. We might imagine priests saying Mass (which they of course do) or brothers teaching religion classes (check there as well.) We might think of folks preparing meals for hungry children (yes) or giving health care to those who suffer (that’s a done deal.)

But missionaries are neither proselytizers or social workers. They are sent to live the Gospel, and in doing so to do more good than any mere program or social reform.

Sometimes, they’ll provide sacraments. Often, they’ll fill physical needs.

And sometimes, they’ll just bring pencils.

It’s all Good.

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