Hello world!

Welcome to the official blog of the PIME Missionaries of the North American Region!

Just checking out PIME, and wondering about what we’re all about?  You can read all about us in the handy “about” section. (Clever, huh?) 

If you are already a friend of PIME, we’re glad you’re here, and we’d love your input.  Share your comments and leave a trail. 

Why a blog?  Well, this site will serve as a portal into the comings and goings of  the PIME Missionaries  of the North American Region.  We’ll keep our friends informed about events on a local level, and will share highlights and stories from the missions.

Most importantly, we’ll be doing what missionaries do best:  sharing the Gospel.   The mission of our priests and brothers is with non-Christian folks the world over.  Here at the Mission Center in Detroit, we aim to get the word out about the amazing things our guys have been doing in 17 countries for over 150 years.

Take a minute to ponder this:  over ONE BILLION people in the world have never heard of Jesus.

Wow. We have a lot of work to do.

Thanks for showing an interest in getting that work done. By exploring the work of the PIME Missionaries, you’re making something important happen.  The missionaries are, quite literally, the hands and feet of Christ, but they can’t do it alone.  They need your earnest prayers, and your practical support.

We hope you’ll visit often to learn more about PIME and to find out how YOU can get involved in the missions.

Comments are our best friends.  Emails are also welcome at pimeworld@pimeusa.org.

Actually, we’re all over the web!  You  can visit us at pimeusa.org, and on facebook (just search PIME Missionaries there.)

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